Darcy Webb | Speech Diva | Cat got your tongue? Meet your new speech diva!
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D’Arcy Webb, a.k.a. the Speech Diva, is an actor, singer and award-winning teacher who serves on the theatre faculties of the University of the Arts and Drexel University. She recently joined the team of teachers at Heroic Public Speaking, where her Speech Diva super powers are helping public speakers achieve their dream of “changing the world, one speech at a time.”


D’Arcy specializes in speech production, accent neutralization, and helping her clients find their authentic voice. She offers private coaching to actors and other professionals who wish to free their speech of regionalisms and speak clearly, vividly and with passion. D’Arcy provides her students with technique, inspiration and support as they learn to speak their truth with clarity, specificity and heart.

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The roles that D’Arcy has played on New York and regional stages over the years include, more recently, soigné society dames, deranged housewives and toothless old crones, all of whom she has portrayed with passion, humanity and panache. She is grateful to her mother for a few good genes that have kept her body supple and resilient, so when a director stages a ten-minute scene in a dog crate the size of a FedEx box, she can fold herself into it quite handily and still speak articulately and with ardor.

In addition to creating the wacky online series “Tuesday Morning Two-minute Tune-ups For Your Tongue with the Speech Diva,” D’Arcy narrates for Enchantment Theatre Company, whose original productions for young audiences and their families have been seen in Philadelphia and across America.